A look at Case CATalyst version 14

By James Kuta
Product Manager, Stenograph

The release of a Case CATalyst version always brings excitement to Stenograph.  In Development, the brilliant conjurors of code are bringing new features to life.  In Technical Support, the skillful software systems specialists are preparing to bring you the best support experience.  And everyone at Stenograph is hard at work to bring you Case CATalyst version 14.  While we are busy making the final preparations for an end of February release date, I am sharing some of the Case CATalyst version 14 features with you.

Export to PTX

Are you paying extra fees to provide PTX files? Export to PTX creates files that are compatible with RealLegal E-Transcript Viewer™ and RealLegal E-Transcript Bundle Viewer™ at no extra cost to you.

Mistran Minder

Do you have a unique set of mistranslates you search for each time you edit a transcript?  Do you bounce while stroking /A, which results in an a?  Do you sometimes write addendum when meaning to write ad damnum?   How much time do you spend finding and fixing your common mistranslates?  Mistran Minder instantly finds and lists your mistranslates along with transcript context to save you time and eliminate multiple searches.

Brief It No Nag List

Brief It Reminders are very useful to remind you of shorter strokes in your dictionary, but are there certain reminders you just want Brief It to stop nagging you about?  The Brief It No Nag List is the solution.  Now, you can see reminder briefs you want and easily eliminate the ones you don’t.

For example, your dictionaries contain perfectly stroked entries along with some misstrokes for the same text.  When you write “associated with” Brief It reminds you of your dictionary entry “SOET/W-D,” which is a misstroke.   Sending “associated with” to your No Nag List will stop Brief It from reminding you of “associated with,” for current and future jobs.

E-Mail in Finish ‘em

Take the frustration out of sending transcripts to your reporting firm and clients.  Case CATalyst’s unparalleled Finish ‘em feature puts all of the finishing touches on your transcript with one click, including attaching the transcript files you want to an email.  It offers the option to pre-address your e-mail by typing your recipients’ email address in the recipient field or you can select recipients after the e-mail message has been opened.

Enhanced Search Features

Trying to find a transcript and you’re not sure if the witness’ name was Colette, Collete, Colet or Collet?  It has never been easier to find what you are looking for in Case CATalyst.  CATalyst’s exclusive Search File Contents feature includes wildcard and regular expression searches.  Search lists the results with the file contents so you don’t need to look any further.

These plus many more exciting new features, along with enhancements to existing features, are coming in Case CATalyst version 14.  For more information you can visit the Stenograph website at stenograph.com.