Software Questions? Don’t Be Afraid to Ask!

Despite having taught CAT to reporters, scopists, captioners, CART providers, instructors, etc. for nearly 30 years now, I am still surprised at how frequently I find myself in the following situation. I answer a question for someone, and after thanking me, they say, “This has been bothering me for years! It’s such an easy fix; I wish I’d known about it sooner!” My jaw doesn’t drop anymore, but honestly, it never gets any less stunning.

My response to this is always, “You could have known about it sooner, and there was no reason for you to be bothered by this for even a few minutes. All you had to do is ASK!” One training session when you first buy software will never be sufficient to tell you everything you will ever need to know about that software forever. You will have questions as time goes on! We really don’t expect that everyone who uses our product is going to memorize the release notes and each ReadMe file. We also don’t imagine that you have innate psychic talents that enable you to intuit the correct answer whenever something puzzles you. Stenograph is always ready and able to provide answers.

  • Search for the question at https://StenographHelp.Askbot.com. You may find the answer very quickly this way! If you can’t find the answer, post the question on the Stenograph Askbot forum and get an accurate response very quickly (typically within a day or less).
  • If it’s a “Why doesn’t this work…” question, call Tech Support! That’s why you have EDGE.
  • If it’s a “What is this…?” or “How do I…” question, call your trainer to schedule training on that topic!

Of course, sometimes you have that “I wonder why…” moment during a job, and you can’t act on it immediately. What you need to do is preserve that question by writing it down (in steno if that’s easiest) or by typing it and then saving that information somewhere where you’re likely to act on it.

For example, you could open a file in Edit called 00 URGENT QUESTIONS and type the question there. Maybe set a due date for that question’s file and let CATalyst make that file stand out in red (or some other preferred color) to remind you to contact the appropriate resource and ask the questions in that file.

Another way to keep reminding yourself to ask a question and get an answer would be to click Tools, All Options, Custom Reminders and then type your “I wonder why…” message in one of those two reminders! The message will keep popping up every time you close out of edit or close out of CATalyst, reminding you that you have a question for which you deserve an answer.

Help us help you —  ASK!

Cindi Lynch is the Training Program Manager at Stenograph. She can be reached at clynch@stenograph.com.

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