Combine Files Without Being Prompted to Change Field Values

When you include a standard page such as a title or certificate into your job, or when you combine separately scoped or proofed segments into a single job, if you are interrupted by CATalyst asking you, “Do you want to change the filled in field from THIS to THAT?” you may have wondered whether there was something you could do to prevent getting this prompt.  Yes, you can, but the correct method to use will depend on why you have multiple field values.

Fields can only have one active value per file. So when you are combining two files that separately have different values filled in for the same field (via include, merge, or append) CATalyst needs to know which value you want to use. Why do the two files you are combining have different field values?

One of the most common causes is having changed values for the Common Speakers in Field Options. In the Speaker List, you have six Common Speakers: THE COURT, THE WITNESS, THE VIDEOGRAPHER, THE REPORTER, THE CLERK, and THE BAILIFF.  Reporters who don’t work in court, often want to delete THE CLERK and THE BAILIFF or change those to other common speakers such as, THE INTERPRETER or THE DEPONENT.  Other reporters like to add additional common speakers such as THE PROSPECTIVE JUROR.

The way those changes are made is by clicking Tools, All Options, then opening the Edit folder, selecting Field and then modifying the values for EZ SPEAKER 300, EZ SPEAKER 301, etc. through EZ SPEAKER 309. From that point forward, all text files you create via translate and/or edit will use those new Common Speakers.  However, if those changes are made after your include files (titles, appearances, certs, parentheticals) are created, the include files still have the original values for those fields. So, let’s say you changed EZ SPEAKER 302 from THE VIDEOGRAPHER to THE PROSPECTIVE JUROR.  Every time you include your title page or certificate, CATalyst will stop and ask you:  “Do you want to change the filled in field EZ SPEAKER 302 from THE VIDEOGRAPHER to THE PROSPECTIVE JUROR?”

If you only have a few include files, you can simply go into Field Options for each file and change the values stored with that file.  However, if you have a lot of include files, that’s probably not an inviting prospect! So here’s how to avoid that task and prevent being asked the question. When you include a file, DE-SELECT the Bring Fields option.

Another reason that CATalyst may ask the question about which field values you want would be when you have had multiple people working on different parts of a file via a method other than RealTeam™ (e.g. work units, or a file that has been broken into two or more parts specifically to enable others to work on it separately). It’s possible that fields may be filled in differently by different people for various reasons. So, when you merge or append or include those separate pieces of the file back together, CATalyst will inquire about which field value is the correct one.

Assuming that all field values as they exist in each separate file is correct, you can make sure that none of the field values change when you’re combining those files by converting the fields to text from Edit (via Tools, Convert All Fields to Text or Tools, Convert Selected Fields to Text). Do that before combining the files together and you will not have multiple field values causing that prompt.

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