Partnering Tip: Combine Wordlists via Include

Whenever a scopist runs spell check on a reporter’s job, they may choose to add spellings to a job, case or Personal wordlist. These entries can be very helpful to the reporter for both edit and translation.

For example, suppose the word labelled appeared in the job, and the scopist knows you would prefer that word to be spelled labeled. The scopist right-clicked labelled and clicked Consider Word Misspelled, and then replaced it with labeled.

That action caused labelled to be added to the scopist’s Personal Wordlist with Exclude selected as the action to take. While the scopist will benefit from that entry in future spell check sessions (the word would be underlined with a red squiggle, Spell Check will recognize it as misspelled and provide appropriate suggestions for redefining the word) both the reporter and the scopist would benefit more if the reporter’s Personal Wordlist contained that entry. If the reporter has that entry, then labelled would be corrected during translation, and it would never again require editing!

To have the reporter take advantage of the scopist’s spell check actions, the reporter can include the scopist’s wordlist(s) into their own, as follows:

  1. Make sure that the scopist’s wordlist has a different name than the reporter’s wordlist. For example, before sending it to the reporter, ask the scopist to make a copy of their personal wordlist and call the copy something like Personal Wordlist – Updated October 15. Then, Restore (or paste, if the file is not backed up in a CATalyst .ZIP file) the scopist’s wordlist to the System Files case in your user, where your own Personal Wordlist is located.


  1. Click the scopist’s wordlist once to highlight/select it. Then hold down the left mouse button, drag the scopist’s wordlist over to your wordlist and then drop it.


  1. You’ll be prompted to respond to this question: Are you sure you want to include C:\CAT4\usr\Yourname\System Files\Personal Wordlist-Updated October 15.tlx into C:\CAT4\usr\Yourname\System Files\Personal Wordlist.tlx?(The exact path and file names will reflect your own user and files.) Click Yes.


  1. All entries will automatically be included. If any entries are the same text in both wordlists but have different actions, you will be prompted to decide which action you prefer. For example, suppose the reporter has “labelled” in their Personal Wordlist with the setting of “Ignore” and the scopist’s Personal Wordlist has “labelled” in their version of the Personal Wordlist with the setting of “Exclude.” You would receive a dialog box prompting you as follows:

There is already an entry for “labelled”

The existing entry has

Action:             Ignore

New Word:


The new entry has

Action:             Exclude

New Word:     


Would you like to overwrite the existing entry?

There are three options: All, Yes or No.  The reporter would select Yes to use the new (scopist’s) entry; No to keep the existing (their own) entry, or All to overwrite this and every other duplicate entry with the scopist’s entries.

  1. When finished, you will be prompted: Do you want to delete the source wordlist? In the majority of circumstances, you would click Yes, as the two wordlists have now been combined, and you no longer need a separate copy of the scopist’s wordlist. However, you do have the option of No, if you would like to keep the file for any reason (perhaps to pass along to a colleague).
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