Manage More Than Just Jobs

The Manage Jobs feature is an incredibly useful feature in CATalyst. It’s the place from which you access, backup, restore and delete all of your CATalyst files: your cases, transcripts, dictionaries, layouts, include files… everything you work on and use in CATalyst. But did you know you can use it for storing and organizing files other than jobs created in CATalyst?

CATalyst isn’t picky about the types of files you organize in Manage Jobs. If there are particular Word files or Excel files or PDF files that you need to reference or use while you work in CATalyst, why search all over your computer for them? Why not just organize them inside your CATalyst user?

For example, you could store the PDF files that are provided to you when you earn continuing education credit in a case in Manage Jobs.  After opening CATalyst, click File, New, Case (or press Alt+f, n, c).  A new case will appear with the name New Case, highlighted. Type a name such as CEU Records and press Enter.  If you have any current applications or records for this current period, you can copy those PDF files into your CEU Records case in Manage Jobs. Just select the files you want to copy, drag them over to the CATalyst Window and drop them on your CEU Records case. When you receive a new PDF CEU application form attachment via email, you can save the attachment directly to that case by browsing to C:\CAT4\USR\Your Name\CEU Records (where Your Name is the name of your user in CATalyst).

How about receipts for business-related expenses? You could create a new case in Manage Jobs called 2020 Receipts and store any scanned receipts or photos of receipts in that case; when tax time rolls around, those receipts will be easy to locate! Where do you currently keep invoices? Research or instructions regarding a particular job or series of jobs?  Any file you might need to reference can be stored in Manage Jobs.

In addition to having quick and convenient access to your files while you work, there’s one other major benefit to keeping all of your reporting-related files in Manage Jobs:  you could also select these cases that you create for your other files in Cloud Backup, and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that these important records are backed up automatically and as securely as your CATalyst files!

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