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Greetings from Stenograph Support. On behalf of everyone in Support, I would like to extend a big thank you to our customers for their patience and understanding during this time. We know many of our customers are trying to navigate new methods of reporting, like remote reporting, and as a result our call volume has been a little higher recently, so it may take a little longer for us to get to you. But rest assured, Support is here to help lead you in the right direction.

Social distancing has changed how many companies perform work, and Support is no different. For most of us, we work in the office and are used to seeing each other daily. If we have a question, we would be able to talk directly with our co-workers to get the answers. Now that we are working remotely, that face-to-face interaction is gone, so now we are learning to interact digitally via email and instant message.

We are also managing our home lives, which includes our spouses, also working remotely, and our kids attending school via e-learning. My wife and I have been doing some spring cleaning around the house and in doing so, have built a sizable donation pile in the garage. We are also helping our daughter with her school work which can be a challenge itself. Who remembers 6th grade math? In our downtime, we are catching up on movies we have wanted to watch, playing games, or discussing the latest trends on social media.

We are experiencing many changes in our day-to-day lives, but Stenograph Support is still here to help you. Did you know that in addition to phone support, we have several resources available that can potentially answer your questions? The Help inside Case CATalyst contains information on all the features CATalyst provides. There is even a convenient search tab so you can search for a specific feature or topic. Just press F1 while you are inside Case CATalyst to open it, click the Search tab, and type what you are looking for. We also have our Askbot site at stenographhelp.askbot.com. This forum provides questions and answers from your fellow reporters, as well as Stenograph employees like Cindi Lynch. And who can forget about the Stenograph Solution Center at www.stenographsolutions.com. Cindi Lynch has published some great guides for setting up Audiosync to work with web conferencing applications like Zoom that are worth checking out.

Times may be different than we are used to, but Stenograph and the Support team are still here for you!

Justin Sieger, Stenograph Technical Support Advisor

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