World of Freelancers: 10 Things Court Reporters Want Scopists to Know

By Sabina Leigh, World of  Freelancers

When you work for yourself, anything can happen. If your clients like your work, they’ll frequently let you know by coming back for more. They might even give you a compliment. If they don’t like your work, you’re probably not going to hear from them again. And you’ll likely never learn exactly why they dropped you.

It is pretty rare (maybe even very rare) for scopists to receive feedback from their court reporter clients. They either send you more transcripts or they don’t. I’ve been on both sides of the transcript, as a court reporter and as a scopist, so I know what court reporters like and I understand that scopists may not know any of this. So I’ve written up 10 things court reporters want scopists to know. Continue reading.

Editor’s note: Stenograph is not affiliated with World of Freelancers. The above excerpt was published with express consent from World of Freelancers.

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