Reduce the Strain and the Pain with these Ergonomic Best Practices

To the casual observer, a court reporter may not seem to have a physically demanding job, but those who have performed the role for years will tell you the opposite. A full day of writing, sitting in the same spot, in the same position can be physically draining. Not to mention you have to focus intently on everything occurring in order to take the courtroom proceedings down verbatim. These factors add up, and many stenographers end up suffering from painful conditions after years on the job if proper precautions aren’t taken. At Stenograph, we believe everyone should be able to do the job they love in comfort, so we’ve put together our top three ways to avoid painful problems down the line.

Back to Basics

One of the most common problems stenographers face is back and neck pain. Considering the job requires court reporters to sit in one spot with their arms outstretched for hours on end, day after day, it’s no wonder problems arise. If proper steps aren’t taken, it may even require time off work. Luckily, our solution is simple: stick to the basics. Routine exercise and proper posture are two of the best ways to prevent long term injuries. Simply sitting up straight and exercising to strengthen your core and back muscles can be a game changer.

Avoiding the Claw: A Stenographer’s Secret

If you are making constant movements with your individual fingers pecking away at the keys, you can quickly develop what’s known as the “typist’s claw.” This comes from severe cramping after the repetitive muscle movement. The Luminex allows you to customize the depth of stroke and keyboard tension to your preferences. We even offer the new Tension Toggle, which lets you lock down the Universal Bar and achieve the softest touch imaginable. With shorter, smoother strokes, you’ll experience far less exertion and fatigue, leaving you feeling better at the end of a long session.

Embrace a Bit of Tilt

When stenographers use keyboards in a fixed position parallel with the floor, it can be painful in the long run. This position is unnatural, and forcing your arms to remain in this position for hours is not ideal. To give you the best working position possible, the Luminex comes with a tripod that allows 140 degrees of tilt, and that’s in addition to the 180 degrees of tilt from the screen, which offers you the ability to maneuver the machine to the angle that’s perfect for you.

A Trusted Name

There’s a reason Stenograph has become an industry leader over the last eight decades. We listen to you, our customers, and we are able to develop comprehensive solutions that address your needs. With experts ranging from industry vets to innovative upstarts, we have a team that is ready and willing to meet any challenge. To learn more about Stenograph, or to see our complete line of stenography hardware, software, and accessories, click here.

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