RealTeam is for Everyone!

Realtime reporters who have already been using alternative methods such as Work Units and make use of teamwork to achieve speedier delivery have been very excited about using RealTeam™ instead of their other methods. However, reporters who provide realtime services are not the only reporters who benefit from the RealTeam feature: every reporter, every scopist, and every proofreader can benefit from RealTeam!

RealTeam enables multiple parties to edit the same file, whether the file is currently open in Translate & Edit or in Edit after translation has ended. A team may be composed of multiple reporters, reporters and scopists, reporters, scopists, and proofreaders, multiple scopists, or just one or more scopists and one or more proofreaders.

Why is this important for you? Because your time is valuable. When a job is completed faster, it means you have more time available to do other things – either take more work and earn more money, or have time for the other things that are important in your life.

Think of all of the occasions that you’ve had to say “no” to your family or friends or to yourself when duty calls because a transcript has to be completed. How many apologies have you made for missing events that you really would have preferred to attend? How many times have you foregone exercise or doing something else that would have been beneficial to you because you needed to keep your butt in your chair and churn out pages? What about the times you’ve turned down potentially higher-paying work because you already had a backlog of pages that need to be produced? Or perhaps you disliked the fact that when a client had an “emergency” need for a transcript, that you couldn’t accommodate them because it just wasn’t possible for you to meet their needs as quickly as they wanted or needed.

Now, imagine how RealTeam will solve all of those problems. When you have a good team, the job gets finished a lot faster than it can when you have to do all of the work by yourself. All team members benefit from each other’s globals. Consistency and quality control are easier because when you’re working at the same time, you can communicate and consult with each other instantly instead of sending an email and waiting for a reply, or making a call and leaving a message and waiting for a call to be returned.

RealTeam means greater potential for every court reporting professional – potential to earn more or have more free time. It means that accepting a rush job no longer necessarily means pulling an all-nighter or missing out on previous plans or commitments. It means timeliness is easier to accomplish.

Having a great team that can support you with RealTeam makes it a lot easier to translate more accurately and provide the level of service that your clients want and expect! Plus, as we all know, greater accuracy means increased confidence in your own abilities. If you’re a reporter who has been reluctant to get your feet wet in the realtime arena, RealTeam also means the potential to move beyond your current role and to be able to provide realtime services when they’re requested.

If you’re a reporter, a scopist, or a proofreader using Case CATalyst Version 20.x and you haven’t started using RealTeam yet, you should familiarize yourself with the option and begin putting together your team as soon as possible. The benefits are tremendous – and you deserve to enjoy them!

Cindi Lynch is the Training Program Manager at Stenograph. She can be reached at clynch@stenograph.com.

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