Top 10 Reasons to Join Ascend Training by Stenograph

10.  You won’t have to take a day or two off to attend a training session; that you can learn what you want at your personal convenience. No need to cram in as much learning as possible into a single day or one weekend a year. Learn at your own pace and get immediate practical value!

9.  To see that look on your colleague’s face when someone asks a question about how to do something and you get to smile and say, “Oh, that’s easy.”

8.  Access to a friendly, polite, supportive online venue of fellow quality-conscious professionals, where you can benefit from their experience without having to navigate the negative aspects of some social media groups (e.g. no ads, no fundraising, no bullying, no politics).

7.  The confidence that comes from being able to rely on answers to your Stenograph-related questions because they come from Stenograph experts. You know you’re not wasting time with a guess from a well-meaning someone who “kind of, sort of does something similar” without being sure whether doing what they’re doing is going to help you or cause an issue!

6.  Because whether you’re a total geek or a dedicated Luddite, you know there are features in your software that you don’t know or aren’t using to their full potential, and you want to know what’s there. You want to learn what you can or should be using to make translation more accurate!

5.  That moment when you’re packing for a vacation and realize, you don’t have to take your computer with you, because your work is done and you have time for life outside of work!

4.  That giddy feeling you get every time you can press one key to build your index instead of spending hours and hours doing it the long way!

3.  To see just how much time you wind up saving!

2.  Having a question and knowing, oh, I can just ask Cindi at her next Live Q & A.

And, the number one reason to join Ascend right now:

1. The realization that your investment in Ascend quite literally pays for itself. That for a fraction of the cost of a single event, you are going to get more practical, usable information than you could have gotten at twelve events.

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