Investing in Stenography Students to Keep the Profession Strong

Project Steno’s goal is to grow the number of stenography students entering and graduating school. They have done this by partnering with schools and recruiting students for them. Currently, they have partnerships with 20 schools around the United States. They set benchmarks for the students to work toward and encourage the students along the way.

One of the biggest encouragements comes in the form of tuition assistance. Project Steno began providing tuition assistance to those students that they felt had the best chance to achieve the high standards needed. They saw a remarkable increase in graduation rates with this method.

Stenograph is proud of the work Project Steno has done and we believe they have the right approach in growing the number of stenography students and increasing the number of those who graduate. We are supporting Project Steno in its critical role of creating a new generation of court reporters. Stenograph is committed to the future of the profession and we are showing our support with a donation of $50,000 and 50 writers to Project Steno. We are delighted that this donation will support students who want to pursue a stenography career.

To learn more about Project Steno, or to donate, please visit www.projectsteno.org.

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