How Technology Can Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Stenograph has always been at the forefront of technology for the court reporting industry. For over 80 years we have been listening to our customers’ feedback and always looking for ways we could provide advanced technology solutions that allow for the efficient capture, production, preservation, and accessibility of verbatim records.

Stenograph’s newest product, MAXScibe, follows this tradition. MAXScribe allows users to capture audio live or import audio from another source and then use our custom-built Phoenix ASR engine along with our industry-leading knowledge of editing tools specialized for efficient editing and transcript creation. Since we launched MAXScribe last November, our team has been listening to feedback and working to make it even better. We recently announced an update to the software, Version 1.1, and are excited about the new features it offers.

Live Capture

We know capturing the record accurately is crucial. If capture isn’t clear with the proper details noted, the transcript is at risk. We recognize the importance of this step and have made improvements that help ensure you have everything you need to accurately record the job.

  • Annotations are a vital part of the live capture process and help provide a quality transcript, but it is often hard to keep up with speaker exchanges during a live capture. We’ve created shortcuts, allowing for an effortless way to insert a speaker in the Annotations pane.
  • Looking for something in the Annotations pane, but don’t want to scroll or read every entry? Don’t worry, we’ve made it easier and added search functionality right within the Annotations pane!

Editing the Transcript

Now that you have audio, either recorded from MAXScribe or imported from another source, the next step is creating a transcript. The editing features in MAXScribe have you covered and on your way to producing a transcript faster than ever before!

  • One of the most exciting things about this update is the incorporation of Stenograph’s RealTeam™ functionality to MAXScribe. RealTeam is the ultimate collaboration tool, allowing multiple people to edit a transcript at the same time. Multi-channel audio and annotations captured during the job, and the Phoenix ASR generated transcript are available to all participants of the session. Plus, the audio is synchronized to the text to make editing even easier, all allowing you to produce transcripts faster than ever before.
  • Now you have the choice to decide how Phoenix ASR will format the output. All jobs aren’t depositions, and you need the flexibility to decide how speakers are identified. When audio is run through Phoenix ASR, you can choose to have the speakers identified by “Speaker ID” names only, or for Q & A sections, to be automatically formatted as Q & A.
  • We’ve also updated some default files and added new Macros.

Our team continues to work on improvements and updates to our products so they include the latest technologies and features that will help all reporters increase efficiency and productivity. Be sure to follow us on social media so you know the latest on Stenograph products, news, and more!

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