Five Important Reasons to Invest in Endurance Writer Protection With a Loaner, Equipment Insurance, and Extra for Your Luminex or Luminex II Writer

Would you avoid oil changes and routine maintenance for your car, or would you refuse to purchase home, car, or health insurance because everything is fine and dandy? Most people wouldn’t because it is devastating and expensive when things go terribly wrong. Just when I think I’ve heard it all after working at Stenograph for over 25 years, new stories surprise me. I’ve heard many tearful stories throughout the years which include writers rolling down the expressway, writers in floods and fires, and writers stolen from cars. Your writer is one of the most important tools for your profession and it should be properly protected!

  1. The Endurance service plan can save you a significant amount of time and money! The repair of a machine failure can potentially cost between $90 to over $2,000 depending on the severity of the issue and it can potentially take weeks or even months based on part availability due to worldwide supply chain shortages, so it is important to invest in the protection plan with a loaner unless you don’t mind taking a potentially long break from work.
  2.  The Endurance service plan with loaner can potentially reduce stress! The plan with loaner is strongly recommended even if you have a solid backup writer and even if your office indicates it has a backup machine for emergencies. Can you imagine running to use a backup writer during an important trial or deposition only to discover it doesn’t have the tall vowels and wide DZ keys which you use, or it will not turn on because it has not been charged or used in a long time? Office backup writers often don’t have the right keytop configurations, wide keys and/or tall vowel keys, which can be extremely challenging and frustrating. Please remember Stenograph does not have a rental loaner program so I wouldn’t risk being without Endurance with loaner. When you invest in the plan with loaner, Stenograph pays for shipping both ways and provides a box for shipping which is a huge savings if a part fails, especially, based on current shipping costs.
  3.  A refurbishment, also known as Extra will ensure longevity and reliability. It is strongly recommended every 24-30 months and I wouldn’t skip this just like I wouldn’t skip an oil change or a dental cleaning! The price of Extra is much lower with an existing Endurance plan, especially, if your writer needs a replacement battery.
  4. Equipment insurance against fire, theft, and accidents can save thousands when disaster strikes! It is strongly recommended for all your equipment including your writer and laptop, but it is not something Stenograph sells. Many writers hit the ground in court and at depositions and many people have accidentally spilled water, hot coffee, milk, and tea on their machines and laptops. Having an Endurance plan for your writer is not a substitute for having an equipment insurance policy. In most cases, your renters or homeowners insurance is not enough to cover replacement of your writer should you need it. We recommend carrying a separate business equipment insurance plan to cover damage outside of normal wear and tear. See below for a full explanation of the difference between Endurance and Insurance.
  5. Peace of mind is truly priceless!


You can call our sales team at 800-323-4247 and we will gladly assist you if you have questions about Endurance or Extra.

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