STAR President, Andrea Wecker, Invites You to Join STAR

You’re a professional working in the court reporting industry. Whether you need continuing education credits or not, you endeavor to continuously learn and grow to ensure that you are the best professional you can be. After all, that’s how you build your brand to promote yourself and your services to clients and employers, isn’t it? But let’s get real for a minute. It’s often a struggle to find current, relevant educational opportunities to learn and develop as a court reporting professional in this rapidly changing environment.

Not only do you want to develop your skill set – whether that’s as a steno, digital, voice writer, legal transcriptionist, scopist, proofer, or videographer – but perhaps you also want to stay abreast of what’s going on in the court reporting community on a larger scale so that you’re able to manage your business well and make smart, informed choices about what’s best for you and your future in this industry.

Maybe you’re a firm owner who’s struggling to get your calendar covered and you want to learn more about how to strategically implement the use of digital reporting into your business. Maybe you’re a steno whose body is struggling to keep up with the harsh physical demands of writing on your machine day in and day out and you want to learn about transitioning to voice writing. Maybe you’re a digital reporter brand new to the industry and you want to learn from seasoned reporters how to be an expert at managing the room. Or maybe you’re a proofreader who wants to network with scopists and reporters across the country to broaden your opportunities.

STAR provides all of these things and so much more. STAR is a Stenograph users group dedicated to advancing and elevating the careers of all court reporting professionals, no matter the method of capture. It is STAR’s mission to provide current, relevant, and cutting-edge educational and networking opportunities to not only users of Stenograph’s products, but to any professional seeking to align with positive people determined to build a bright future for all members of the industry.

STARTECH23 offers exactly what professionals like you have been looking for, and it’s less than two months away. It’s a 100% virtual conference, and all sessions will be recorded and accessible after the conference has concluded for those that are unable to attend live. There has never been a better time to check out STAR, see what it’s all about, and experience the value that STAR has to offer. Here is just a glimpse of what you can expect to see:

  • CATalyst training with Cindi Lynch
  • Informational sessions about making your workflow more efficient with Phoenix and MAXScribe
  • Learn about simplifying legal proceedings with CaseTestify
  • Hear about ChatGPT and day-to-day ethical considerations when utilizing it
  • Find out how Check It can speed up transcript editing
  • Collaborate with agency owners to discuss what today’s freelance firm actually looks like
  • Discover how to expand your business into international markets
  • Enjoy a virtual happy hour with your friends and colleagues

You also won’t want to miss a special keynote address from me, the STAR President. I will talk about the state of the court reporting industry today and provide a fresh perspective about how professionals of all methods can come together with one voice to end divisiveness once and for all, collaborate with one another to expand and elevate our skillsets, and work together to protect our industry from outside disrupters.

Join us October 20th and 21st for STARTECH23. Registration is now open at the link below. STAR members can register for only $50, and students and first-year professionals can attend absolutely FREE. We hope to see you there!


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