Get to Know the Stenograph Team – Karen Wolson

Stenograph is extremely proud of the team we have working together to provide our customers with the best equipment and solutions in the industry. While we have added several new faces to our team, we also have numerous employees that have been with us for many years. Our employees come to work every day with the goal of finding ways to make your work life better, we thought you might enjoy getting to know a few of them. Here’s a Q & A with Karen Wolson.

What is your name? Karen Wolson

What is your title? District Sales Manager

How long have you been working at Stenograph? 19 years

Can you briefly tell us about your family? I have an 18-year-old son about to begin college, a nephew that just entered 5th grade, and two teen nieces (17 and 19) that I’m super close with. They are like the daughters I always wanted but never had.

What would someone not know about you by looking at you? I have an irrational fear of sharks…. but I love the ocean!

Tell us what one thing on your bucket list. Powered Paragliding.  But not over the ocean because just the sight of sharks swimming would be too much.

What is your favorite vacation spot? Anywhere off the beaten path surrounded by nature….but no sharks, lol.

What is your favorite food? It’s a tie between Seafood or Mexican.

What is your favorite movie? There are so many, but anything with Adam Sandler or Mark Wahlberg is usually a favorite!

What is your favorite part about your job? Working with such a talented group of co-workers and customers.  There is a physical energy that can be felt when you are surrounded by so many creative, witty, and intelligent individuals.

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