You’re Ready to Be a STAR!

Do you suspect that there are things that other people know that you don’t, things that – if you knew them, would enable you to earn a higher income and enjoy greater satisfaction with the time and effort you’re putting into this career? Do you know where to go to get this information – to get the best possible guidance, advice, and inspiration?

The best place to start is www.staronline.org.

STAR members have access to a wealth of expert guidance and advice from experienced professional colleagues across a range of topic areas. Although STAR conferences are outstanding opportunities for fantastic social interaction, the members don’t just come for the parties or the (typically outstanding) food. They come to learn and to network and to improve their businesses. STAR members are court reporting professionals who already “get” the value of investing in their businesses, their equipment, and their education. They brainstorm, and they seek to improve the profession and its future, as well improve as their own businesses and upgrade their personal skills and knowledge! They also benefit from some significant members-only discounts from both Stenograph and Pengad.

Another major benefit for CATalyst users who are STAR members is the strong partnership that is being developed between Stenograph’s Certified Independent Training Agents and STAR. The “Ask a Trainer” booth concept was introduced at STARCon 18, and refined and expanded at STARtech 19. “Ask a Trainer” enables STAR conference attendees to book a half-hour personal training session to get their most pressing questions answered. The feedback on this personal attention provided as a benefit to STAR members was extremely positive. One STAR member raved, “That paid for the conference right there!” STAR and Stenograph look forward to an even more popular “Ask a Trainer” at STARCon 19 in Minneapolis this October (along with our regular track of CATalyst classes on the Friday and Saturday of the convention).

You can quickly get an idea of the useful knowledge that STAR members offer to their colleagues in STARdotSTAR, their quarterly newsletter. The Summer 2019 issue has several particularly helpful articles, and there are dozens of back issues available online at their site.

To learn more about STAR membership, visit www.staronline.org, click Membership, provide your email address, and then click Join.

Cindi Lynch is the Training Program Manager at Stenograph. She can be reached at clynch@stenograph.com.

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