Use Shortcuts to Make it Easier to Edit!

Whenever you can, you probably use a one-stroke brief to write a multisylllabic word or phrase  instead of writing it out in three strokes or four strokes or more. Do you do the same thing when you’re editing with Case CATalyst? Do you press a shortcut key or do you press a lot keys to accomplish the same task?

There’s almost always a faster, easier way. Here are five quick shortcuts you can use immediately!

To change punctuation at the end of the paragraph, you could:

The Long Way… The Easy Way!
Move the cursor to the end of the paragraph  by pressing the down arrow and right arrow or End key as many times as necessary and then pressing the correct ending punctuation. Press Ctrl+Shift+period, which is assigned to the Toggle Paragraph Ending Punctuation command.


To split oneself into one self, you could:

The Long Way… The Easy Way!
Position the cursor on oneself, press Ctrl+Right Arrow three times to move the cursor over to the “s” in self, and then press the Spacebar to add a space between one and self. One time only, assign the Split Compound Word command to a convenient, available key in your keyboard map, such as Ctrl+Space; Forever after, just press Ctrl+Space to split any compound word.

To undo a global, you could:

The Long Way… The Easy Way!
Open the global table by clicking Global, Global Table (or by pressing Ctrl+y), then search for the global you want to undo, either by scrolling through the table or by pressing Ctrl+f and then typing the text of the global you want to undo, selecting Whole Word, Contains, and Forward, and then clicking Okay; then when you find the global, clicking Edit, Undo Global.


In the transcript text, right click the global you want to undo and select Undo Global.




To research a term by Googling it:

The Long Way… The Easy Way!
Write down the word(s) you want to Google.  Minimize CATalyst. Open up your web browser. Type the words into the browser.


Highlight the word(s) you want to Google then click Edit, Internet Search (or press Alt+e, n).

Of course, you can make this even faster by assigning the Internet Search command to a shortcut key in your keyboard map.

To J-define text with initial caps; for example blue boy market as Blue Boy Market:

The Long Way… The Easy Way!
Press Ctrl+j to open the Global – J-define dialog box, then type the phrase with initial caps. If you forget to cap while typing the words, press Backspace as many times as necessary and re-type.


Highlight blue boy market, press Ctrl+j then click Cap (or press Alt+a).



Cindi Lynch is the Training Program Manager at Stenograph. She can be reached at clynch@stenograph.com.

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