Guarantee a Happier New Year!

We’re about to end one year and begin another; and as always, many people are thinking about what they can do to improve themselves and make 2020 a better year than 2019, and the ’20s a better decade than the ’10s. While you’re considering your own resolutions, let me suggest you put this one at the top of your list: resolve to learn at least one new thing about your CAT software and incorporate it into your production process.

What CATalyst features would it most benefit people to learn? I conducted a quick poll at a couple of CATalyst groups on Facebook, asking that question. Here are the results, and based on nearly 300 responses:

34% want to learn to use AccelerWriters to edit from the writer during realtime.

27% want to begin using Automatic Indexing.

22% want to speed up editing by learning how to record and use Macros.

10% want to define on the fly from the writer during realtime translation, via Power Defines and/or Live Suggestions.

5% want to begin using RealTeam (either at all, or on a more frequent basis).

2% want to learn other features, including how to use (or how to improve use of) Cloud Backup and Brief It.

All of these goals are not only doable – they’re really smart!  If you learned just one of these features toward the beginning of 2020 and worked to incorporate it into your regular production process, a year from now you could look back and see how many hours you saved, how much faster you’d produced your work, how much easier it was to put out your quality product, and/or how much more money you were able to make. Of course, if you chose to learn TWO features, imagine how much more you’d see in terms of results!

Learning to use your software more efficiently is a major factor in obtaining greater job satisfaction. Just imagine if, ten years ago, you had resolved to learn at least one CAT software feature each year. Imagine the ten tasks you could be looking back on now and seeing how much easier they are than they were when the decade began!

So please take a moment this New Year’s Eve to reflect on the CATalyst features you’re not using yet and resolve to learn and begin using at least one by the end of March 2020.

You can use the learning method that best meets your preferred learning style. For example, if you learn quickest when guided, contact your local certified independent training agent, or an agent available to provide remote training services:  they’re all listed at http://www.stenograph.com/cat-training-agent-list. If you prefer to learn on your own, all of the topics listed above can be learned via the Self-Study Guides and/or Exceptional Extras included with Case CATalyst. And if you have a question about how something works, you can post it at StenographHelp.Askbot.com.

Make this the best year, and the beginning of your best decade, ever!

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