A Salute to Everyday Heroes

It goes without saying that our current situation is unprecedented. It is scary, the future is uncertain, and we are all facing a reality that continues to change so quickly that it is nearly impossible to process. On a daily basis, each of us has had to muster the courage to persevere, to face difficult and new situations, and to remain strong in the face of an invisible enemy. In so much darkness it can be difficult to find the light, but there is an undeniable glow that surrounds the bravery of those on the front lines and the humanity in their actions. While we have all had to be courageous during these times, only some have been called to true acts of bravery, and to those select few – we solute you.

While courage can be defined as the strength to get through difficult situations and circumstances, bravery is the quality that allows us to do things that are dangerous and/or frightening. Courage is what we all need to make it through this pandemic as we struggle through fear, change, and daily inconveniences. Bravery, on the other hand, is what gets those on the front lines to get up every morning and face danger head-on. Bravery exists among our healthcare workers, our first responders, our grocery and pharmacy workers, those who protect our infrastructure and so many more who work in supporting industries that we classify as “essential.”

This is to say thank you to all who have had to be truly brave through this pandemic. To those that are keeping us healthy, safe, well-fed and informed. To those who leave the house every day knowing that they may be exposed to a deadly virus but do it anyway and do it for the benefit of the rest of us.

Thank you for being brave so that we can continue to remain courageous. Thank you for being willing to be vulnerable so that our nation may remain strong. Thank you for inspiring hope and bringing lightness to these dark days.

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