What’s New in Stenograph’s Solution Center?

Back in early 2014 we started thinking about a replacement website for the Stenograph Help Desk. While the Help Desk was still useful to our customers, it was beginning to show its age. We wanted not just an updated version of the Help Desk, but a more modern version that could take advantage of current web design trends. We wanted better search capabilities, support for higher resolution images, the ability to embed video, and animated GIFs. We also wanted it to be compatible with mobile devices and modern web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

In September of that same year, we launched the Stenograph Solution Center, and it has been a major improvement. The interface is clean and intuitive. Categories and subcategories help customers quickly find articles related to their need. Customers can see the latest and most popular articles and downloads. They can even email Technical Support directly through the “Ask a Question” link. We can update articles on the fly, so if a customer or Support Representative find a mistake in an article, we can fix the mistake in a few minutes.

And customers seem to like it, too. Since we launched the Solution Center, there have been 952,051 article views and 69,306 file downloads. That’s an average of 421 article views and 30 downloads a day! The most popular article is “Converting an MP3 to Wave using Audacity” with 172,721 views. The most popular download is the “Stenograph New Computer Setup Guide” with 35,344 downloads.

Recently, we have been adding more articles to the Solution Center like translating CaseViewNet Browser Edition into another language, generating CaseViewNet Browser links, and creating Hyperlinks in Edit. We are also updating existing articles as new information is presented and adding more to downloads to the Downloads section.

And we are not done yet. We are working on getting more articles and downloads added to the site. Be on the lookout for an article about inserting an image of your signature on your certificate page, importing vCard files to your Fill-In-Field list, and more. We are looking into adding videos for some of our articles that can help users understand more advanced concepts and features. If there is something you would like to see on the Solution Center, send us an email by clicking the “Ask a Question” button at the top of the Solution Center page.


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