Save hours of work, for pennies a day!

Ascend Training by Stenograph launched on September 14, 2020. Since Ascend launched, there have been 32 Live Q&A sessions, 22 webinars, 34 polls, 59 articles, 6 quizzes and so much more! It’s a great way to interact with experts and connect with your colleagues in a positive and educational environment, at your convenience.

If you haven’t joined Ascend, take advantage of our free one-month trial, and experience this online learning community for yourself! A few minutes on Ascend can save you hours of time with your work! All material is available 24/7, on-demand. For roughly $0.50 per day, you could have access to everything that Ascend has to offer, with our professional membership.

Content Available On-Demand

Ascend content targets the topics you most want to learn and is available 24/7, when you need it. Can’t attend a webinar or a Live Q&A session? The recorded versions are available for you to watch at your convenience; on your laptop, tablet, or phone, wherever, whenever you have a few minutes.

Picking and Choosing Encouraged

All Ascend video recordings are accompanied by a time-referenced content guide, so you can easily find the topic/feature you want to learn. Go to what you want now, skip what you don’t need. You don’t have to watch an hour-long session if all you need is five minutes of how-to instruction!

Get Expert Answers to Your Questions

Answers are provided by Stenograph experts, including, Cindi Lynch, Training Program Manager, and a friendly, professional community of colleagues with real-world experience in a variety of reporting industry fields using Stenograph products and services.

What are you waiting for? Join today! Ascend Training | Stenograph L.L.C.

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