What can give you peace of mind?

Your hard drive just crashed…

You anxiously stare at the blue or black screen of the laptop you’ve shared so many long nights with. It’s never let you down. Well, maybe it did act a little funny a few times recently, but a good-old restart always fixed it. “I had too many windows open and operations running,” you told yourself as the restart brought your lovely wallpaper photo from your last vacation to the screen.

But the fact is now it’s something you have to face. Your faithful laptop went from a good friend that you could rely on to do magic under your light touch to being a non-responsive compilation of wires, plastic, and metal, no matter what you do. You’ve taken it to the repair center and they confirm your worst fears. “Time to buy a new one,” they say. “It looks like it lasted you a long time,” they say. But you just stand there numbly thinking of the last three days of depositions that you have to turn around. “We aren’t going to be able to recover whatever’s on here. Your hard drive got damaged somehow. Maybe you dropped it?” Sigh.

You do some quick research – which means you’ve talked to the guy who just pronounced your laptop dead and you’ve asked some fellow court reporters what they’ve bought recently – and you narrow it down to “the one” and do a comparison of where you can get the best price and balance against where you can get it TODAY and you head home with your purchase.

All too many of us have experienced this. Maybe your story is a little different, involving a stolen laptop or a spilled coffee in the wrong place. But as keepers of the official record, and as the contents of your hard drive represent real dollars to you and your family, you have to have an answer for when the unimaginable becomes a reality.

I’ve seen social media posts asking about whether Stenograph’s EDGE support is worth the annual fee. The automatic Cloud Backup that can restore your job files quickly in a situation like the one described above is just one of the reasons it absolutely is. With Cloud Backup you can set it and forget it…and it will be there when you need it.

Sign up for an Edge plan today and leave the worries to Stenograph. https://www.stenograph.com/edge.

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