Have you heard the news? CATalyst is expanding to help you become more efficient.

Later this year, we will be releasing the next version of CATalyst, and we are so excited about some of the upcoming features.  When designing this release, we wanted to expand what CATalyst currently does, providing tools that allow you to do even more from your desktop.  One of these new features is Business Center.

Business Center gives you the power to invoice your customers and track payments directly from your CATalyst desktop.  This integration will save you up to 8 hours—one business day—of time a month. What’s even better?  Business Center is included at no additional cost when you upgrade/download to v21.5 and connect to the APEX Ecosystem.

Details of Business Center include:

  • New Dashboard provides a birds-eye view of your business, so you can easily see what has been invoiced, paid, and remains due.
  • When you create an invoice, details such as the number of pages in your transcript and rates will automatically populate to simplify the process.
  • You will be able to send invoices directly from CATalyst, receive online payments, and see updates when those payments are processed right in your CATalyst Business Center.

When you connect to APEX, you have access to other time-saving features designed to make your life easier.  In addition to Business Center, connecting to APEX provides features that can save you up to 18 hours a month, which is a month of productive time a year!  Plus, you will have the opportunity to earn on average $400 in points a year in our new loyalty program!

Make sure your Edge plan is up to date so you can download the latest version of CATalyst- at no additional charge- as soon as it becomes available!  To find out more about the APEX Ecosystem, watch our overview video.

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