Hear from our Senior Product Manager of Writers, Veronika Mikhailova


Before coming to Stenograph I had no idea that stenography was such a fascinating field with so many nuances and complexities. I joined Stenograph as a Senior Product Manager for Writers two months ago and I am thrilled to be a part of the ongoing development and constant improvement of this fantastic machine. After all, it is almost certainly the most intimate relationship between the user and the device you can find in the professional world, hence the quality of the product is essential to our customers’ professional success.

I immediately developed tremendous respect for the reporters who are required to learn a language unlike any other and write at what seems to be lightning speed. The attention to detail it requires is admirable. This is why everything matters in our product – from the ergonomics, to menu navigation, to translation improvement. I am fortunate to work with Stenograph’s incredibly knowledgeable Sales Team who has developed personal relationships with our customers. Thus, I am able to easily access valuable customer feedback. This crucial information is thoroughly reviewed within our cross-functional team and applied to improvement of the current offerings and new product development.

Our latest writer, the Luminex II, is an impressively intricate machine that combines a wide range of adjustments such as depth of stroke and tension, as well as transition time and split/stack adjustment. There is an infinite number of configurations available that can benefit any user. Of course, Stenograph’s Technical Support team is always ready to help finding the ultimate combination of adjustments by closely analyzing customer’s writing. Since the writer is the critical equipment for our clients Stenograph offers various protection plans that offer a peace of mind in case of an unfortunate event of an issue with the writer. Our team can quickly provide a loaner machine while repairs are done which assures no downtime for the customer.

I am looking forward to my years ahead at Stenograph of improving our customer experiences. It is undoubtedly the most rewarding part of Product Management.

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