A New Webinar Series Coming to Ascend

You’ve heard about the APEX ecosystem and its integration with CATalyst. The next update, Version 21.5 provides solutions for your complete workflow. You will be able to manage everything from the CATalyst desktop: connecting to agencies, scheduling jobs, editing and production tasks, submitting the finished job to the agency, and billing. Through the integration of CATalyst and APEX, reporter productivity can  increase significantly. Reporters can save up to a month’s worth of time each year, equaling up to $5,000 in revenue opportunity a year!

We are excited to announce a series of three webinars on Ascend taught by Cindi Lynch, showing you the new features in CATalyst version 21.5.

Webinar #1: Getting started with CATalyst v21.5

Wednesday, September 29, 12 – 1 PM CT

U.S. Deposition Reporters: Learn how to get started with the new features in CATalyst 21.5 to connect with APEX and prepare for fully integrated benefits with APEX agency jobs. In this webinar, we’ll cover how to register for an APEX account and log in, set up your profile, rates, services, and billing information, and establish relationships with APEX agencies.

Webinar #2: What APEX Agencies See

Wednesday, October 6, 12 – 1 PM CT

U.S. Deposition Reporters: In this webinar, we’ll look at how APEX Agencies see the information provided by reporters and use it to propose and assign jobs.

Webinar #3: My First APEX Job

Wednesday, October 20, 12 – 1 PM CT

U.S. Deposition Reporters: In this webinar, we’ll review the start-to-finish process: how you’ll use CATalyst 21.5 features from notification of a proposed job to accepting an assignment, viewing the details of that job, take the job/creating the transcript, and then submitting and invoicing the job to the APEX agency — all in CATalyst. We’ll also cover the procedures for “what if…” situations such as “What if the job cancels?” and “What if the witness doesn’t appear?”

These Webinars are FREE for Ascend Members, and you can sign up now! Not a member of Ascend? No problem! Sign up for your free one-month trial and learn more about Ascend here. Webinars will be recorded and available on-demand for Ascend members.

*Please note, these webinars do not offer national or state continuing education credit.

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