Twice a year Stenograph has the opportunity to sit down with groups of customers to learn about their requirements for our new products and test out new ideas for products, services, and marketing messages. From October 13-17 we met with roughly 70 customers in the 2021 STARCon convention. STAR, which stands for Stenograph Technology Agency Reporters, is an independent organization of Stenograph users. Originally scheduled for in person in San Diego, the meeting unfortunately changed to remote due to concerns about COVID-19.

In the first two days the Stenograph team led the conversations with our Reporter and Agency Liaison Committees. These are two different constituent groups which are important to the future of Stenograph. The members of the liaison groups are hand chosen to be representative of the market and also for their willingness to give Stenograph constructive feedback. We ran through our product roadmap and introduced some new concepts to get their feedback and explain our positioning. Both groups were excited by the number of products Stenograph will be launching in the near future, and gave us significant feedback which Stenograph will use in our product development process. We are so thankful for this group of committed customers who are so willing to give their time to help us make Stenograph products better.

The next two days of the convention were general and concurrent sessions where all STAR members could participate. On Friday, Chris Page, Jeff Cobb, and Lucy Smith presented Stenograph: All about APEX, and told the audience about our exciting new APEX ecosystem, an exciting new offering that connects all stakeholders including court reporters, videographers, schedulers, transcript production, and billing professionals in an intelligent ecosystem. It features an intuitive user experience and dashboard that greatly simplifies how agencies and reporters manage the capture, production, and distribution of the verbatim record. Stenograph’s Anir Dutta and Janet Harris participated in a town hall forum about the State of the Industry and discussed the changes in the market and the concept of Court Reporting 2.0, a method agonistic future to fulfill the needs of an evolving legal transcription industry. On Saturday, I presented What’s New at Stenograph and talked about the near-term product introductions including APEX, CATalyst 21.5, Stenograph’s custom-built Phoenix ASR engine which will be a tool introduced to steno, voice, and digital reporters, CaseViewNet integration with vTestify’s remote deposition platform, and our future writer improvements.

It was a pity we couldn’t see everyone in person, but we appreciate being able to talk to so many of our customers at one time and can’t wait for STARTech 2022.

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