Meet Bella!


Stenograph has launched the Bella chat option on our home page at stenograph.com. This is another feature we are adding so that customers can get help or information in a quick and efficient manner from Stenograph.

The Bella chat will be available to answer some of the more common technical support questions that customers ask on a regular basis. Bella will be referring customers to over 90 solution center articles to answer questions that are asked. Bella may also be able to refer customers to specific product information available on our website like the sales directory or information about Ascend training. Stenograph will continue to train Bella as time progresses to get even more accurate responses to customer questions. While waiting on hold, or even before contacting support, give Bella a try and ask her your question.

Two of the most commonly asked questions:

  1. What type of computer will work with CATalyst?
  2. How do I back up my CATalyst files?

Click here to ask Bella one of these questions, or ask your own question.

Watch our video to learn more about how Bella works.

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