A Recap of Stenograph’s CATalyst 21.5 Webinar

Earlier this month, Senior Software Product Manager, Lucy Smith, presented a webinar on the new features found in CATalyst Version 21.5. This was presented during 3 sessions and was recorded for those who were not able to attend. Over the 3 sessions, 200+ attendees saw firsthand how the new features of CATalyst work and were able to participate in a live Question & Answer session. It was exciting to see such interest in this new update and hear what our customers had to say!    

During the webinar, Lucy covered the larger vision of CATalyst including what is included in this current update of Version 21.5, as well as what is coming. This most recent update extends the capabilities of CATalyst, making it more than just CAT software. In CATalyst Version 21.5 you can now access tools for scheduling, communication, and business management along with the transcript-perfecting tools CATalyst is known for, all from your CATalyst desktop.   

One of the major updates included in Version 21.5 is the ability to connect to Stenograph’s connected ecosystem APEX. The state-of-the-art integration of CATalyst and APEX has created efficiencies that can save up to a month of time annually, and result in up to $5,000 a year in additional revenue opportunities for reporters, at no additional cost. Plus, when reporters create their free profile on APEX, they can join Stenograph’s new Loyalty Program and earn $10 in Loyalty Points just for signing up, that can be used towards the purchase of Stenograph products and services! Another major update in CATalyst Version 21.5 is the new Business Center. Within Business Center, reporters can create and send invoices to clients, as well as record and track payments from customers. If you couldn’t attend one of the webinar sessions, we invite you to watch the recording here.

Some of the key messages from the webinar: 

  • The integration to APEX and creating an APEX profile are FREE to reporters. 
  • Business Center can be used for invoicing agencies connected to APEX as well as those that are not connected to APEX. All you need to do is create the non-APEX client within Business Center and voila, start invoicing. 
  • Stenograph’s new Loyalty Program is FREE to join. When you enroll from the APEX profile you earn your first $10 in loyalty points. Interacting with APEX gives you opportunities to earn, on average, up to $400 in loyalty points that you can use towards the purchase of writers, software, and contracts like Edge and Endurance.  
  • The update to Version 21.5 takes slightly longer than other updates because it includes a lot of new functionality and entire new functional areas in CATalyst. It takes a little longer because it puts the infrastructure in place for a much wider solution than it has before. Make sure you have a good internet connection before you start the download.  
  • Stenograph takes the protection of your data very seriously. APEX and the data related to Business Center are housed in Microsoft Azure, it is one of the most secure cloud platforms available.  
  • You can update CATalyst and not connect to APEX, but the new features, such as Business Center won’t be usable. The APEX ecosystem is a web-based solution and not something that is downloaded. Since there is no cost to connecting to APEX, we suggest that you create a profile, and give the new features a try. 

If you are looking for more information on CATalyst features and how to use them, we invite you to check out Ascend Training by Stenograph. Ascend is more than just training, it is an online learning community giving you access to webinars, live Q & A, and articles you can access at your convenience. Give it a try, your first month is free!  

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