The Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business and How Stenograph Can Help You Achieve Them!

The practice of making New Year’s Resolutions dates to 4,000 years ago, first done by the ancient Babylonians.[1] Crazy, right? Our resolutions may look different these days, but the general motivation remains the same; how do I change up what I did last year to make next year better? While we may not always stick with them, resolutions force us to reflect and think about little changes we can make.

Have you ever made a work-related resolution or set goals? Over their lifetime, the average person will spend one-third of their life working.[2] Therefore it makes sense that to improve our overall well-being, we should also think about work-related resolutions. We recognize that many of our customers are small business owners and that it can be a challenge balancing being a court reporter with managing the administrative and business tasks. Here are some ways the Stenograph team has your back and is ready to provide you with solutions to help you invest in yourself and achieve some common resolutions.[3] Get ready to start the new year on the right foot and meet your 2022 goals!

Resolution #1: Create realistic organization processes

It can be a challenge to revamp any process. Luckily, Stenograph has made that easier with CATalyst Version 21.5. More than just the industry-leading CAT software you have come to rely on for editing and perfecting your transcript, CATalyst now has features that allow you to manage scheduling, communication, billing, and invoicing all from a single location, thus eliminating the need for various systems.

Resolution #2: Learn to be okay with outsourcing

Working with scopists and proofreaders is simplified with RealTeam. RealTeam gives you the ability to have multiple people simultaneously editing a ­file during real-time proceedings and after!

Resolution #3: Update your business plan

Business Center, found in CATalyst Version 21.5, makes it easier to streamline your business processes. From your CATalyst desktop, you can record business expenses, send invoices to your clients, and track payments. Plus, you have access to a high-level dashboard providing you with a simple way to see what has been invoiced, paid, and remains due.

Resolution #4: Refresh your marketing plan

Determining how to start marketing yourself can be a challenge, but we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible. When you create your free APEX profile, it is easy to market your skills, services, preferences, rates, and certifications to agencies.

Resolution #5: Expand your network

Stenograph has solutions to help you expand your network, both professionally and personally. Looking for new agencies to work with? Connect to APEX, create your free profile, and start networking and connecting to new agencies. Looking for ways to connect to other reporters? Join Ascend! Ascend Training by Stenograph is a learning community combining expert training with your colleagues’ real-world experience via a private social network.

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