Encouraging Words From Former Court Reporters

It’s Court Reporting and Captioning Week 2022! Stenograph wants to congratulate the court reporters, captioners, CART providers, students, and instructors for your hard work and dedication to this profession. We thought who better to share words of encouragement with you than our own employees who were court reporters before they joined Stenograph.

Andrea’s first writer.

“I started out as a student of court reporting and continued on to become a freelancer reporter over 40+ years ago. Back in those days, I had a manual steno writer that I learned a computer-compatible theory with but didn’t have a computer. My, my, my how technology has changed. Fast forward into this century and I am in awe at the advancements in the industry. We have sophisticated writers that are paperless and record audio, computer-aided translation (CAT) systems, and REALTIME writing that allows for everyone to follow along in real time, closed captioning on television and movie screens, assistance for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, and proceedings that can be sent over the internet, especially nowadays with Zoom. WOW!!!”

“I’m giving you ALL a both-banks-and-all-vowels salute because even though the technology has changed, the fact of the matter is your ability to write fast and accurately hasn’t. It takes a lot of hard work, energy, patience, and guts to do what you do. STKPWHRAOEUFRPBLGTS”

“I encourage you to strive for those certifications, encourage others in the industry and yourself, and share YOUR good news about the industry to encourage others to join. You have a specialized skill that not everyone can do. Congratulations, keep up the GOOD work, and celebrate YOUR week, this week and every week!”

Andrea Paige, District Sales Manager


“As a now retired court reporter after 25 years of freelance work, I want to thank everyone in the court reporting industry for their hard work, dedication, and service. I encourage students to continue to complete their education as this is a very rewarding, and always interesting career. Happy Court Reporting and Captioning Week!!!”

Jeanette Horn, CSR, Sales Representative


“I have to say, it’s fun to look back on old photos from my early reporting days! In this photo, I proudly sit with my heavy, paper-based Stentura 8000 with its floppy disk and serial port connection to my old clunky laptop! This was state-of-the-art back in the early ‘90s! How times and technology have changed! Flash forward to today… I feel so fortunate to now represent Stenograph to the court reporting and captioning industry! Every day I work with my fellow stenographers to provide them with the finest writer and software solutions, allowing them to work more comfortably and efficiently. Cheers to Stenographers! Happy CRCW 2022!”

Karen Peck, District Sales Manager


“I attended the online court reporting program at Sheridan Technical College in Hollywood, FL and then worked as a freelance stenographic court reporter in the Tampa, FL area. I enjoyed going to different places and working with new people each day. While I enjoyed the variety of different jobs, doctor depos were my favorite. I found them interesting and the terminology was a fun challenge. I love that I know a “secret language” and have a skill that not many others possess. To all the students out there: Keep practicing; we need you! To all the working reporters and captioners: Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this wonderful profession!”

Cathy Carpenter, RPR, FPR-C, District Sales Manager

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