CATalyst Business Center, Designed to Save You Up to 4 Hours a Month

CATalyst has been the industry leader in CAT software for 25 years, helping stenographers translate Steno to English and other languages since 1997. Over time new features have been added to aid reporters in becoming more efficient in the editing, production, and delivery of transcripts. When they were introduced, features like audio sync and real-time were at the forefront of technology, helping reporters become more efficient. In Version 21.5, we’ve expanded CATalyst beyond transcript perfecting software and laid the framework to handle scheduling, communication, and business management all from your CATalyst desktop.

One of the pillars of this expansion is our new Business Center. Features in Business Center can be used by ALL reporters- both officials and freelancers. When you connect CATalyst to APEX and create a free profile, you unlock Business Center, which can save you up to 4 hours a month.

Within Business Center you can:

  • Manage Rate Cards – Integration with APEX allows you to customize the services you offer clients and then create standard and customer rate cards based on the job type, location, or client.
  • Create Invoices – Personalize invoices and then send them right from your CATalyst desktop. When you create an invoice, details such as the number of pages in your transcript and rates will automatically populate to simplify the process.
  • Manage Payments – Easily record and track payments right from CATalyst. Through integration with Stripe payment processing, you can even accept payments within Business Center.
  • Track Expenses – Record and categorize all your business-related expenses in one convenient location
  • Create Reports – Create and export reports to help you manage your business. As we continue to develop new capabilities, more reports will be available.
  • Dashboard – New Dashboard provides a birds-eye view of your business, so you can easily see what has been invoiced, paid, and remains due.

Version 21.5 is just the beginning! In future CATalyst releases you will see updates for official reporters that help streamline the creation of Accounting Office reports. We encourage you to give it a try now and get to know this new functionality. The integration of APEX with CATalyst Version 21.5 increases reporter productivity with efficiencies that add up to a month of time saved annually, resulting in up to $5,000 a year in additional revenue opportunities.

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