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Have you ever considered not insuring your car or your home? I think most of us are happy to have a financial safety net that our policies provide – if an accident happens, insurance will cover it. We prefer to alleviate as much stress as possible and stay in control of our lives and finances. However, even homeowners insurance doesn’t cover the full value of electronics, this includes your writer. Because Stenograph has been the leading manufacturer of top-quality writers for over 80 years, we know how important writers are to our customers. Thus, Stenograph provides this essential coverage for one of your most precious possessions.

An Endurance plan serves as an extended warranty for the writer. If something breaks, the plan will cover parts and labor, battery, and even shipping costs back and forth. And customers who have an Endurance plan are automatically placed at the top of the queue when they call Tech Support. Stenograph writers have many custom parts that are specific to our machines, and we only use original parts and materials. Only Stenograph’s service staff is certified to perform the repairs – after all, they are the ones who built it.

Having an Endurance plan for your writer is not a substitute for having an equipment insurance policy. We recommend carrying a separate business equipment insurance plan to cover damage outside of normal wear and tear. See our website for a full explanation of the difference between Endurance and insurance.

In addition to Endurance, we also offer Extra. Extra service is a one-time service, and an excellent addition and vital maintenance routine for the writer, just like changing filters and oil in a car. If we don’t implement these preventative measures, we risk damaging our car or aging it more quickly, the same is true for your writer. Extra is recommended every 24-30 months to keep your writer feeling like new.

At Stenograph we want to ensure that each of our customers receives the best support possible. We take pride in our products and services. We build and care for each writer so it serves its owner for years to come.

If you want to know more about Endurance or Extra, contact our Sales Team and be sure to ask about our low monthly payment options.

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