A Welcome Return!

In-person events are finally back and they’re better than ever! I recently had the honor of attending conventions in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. What struck me most was the energy level that was clearly visible within each and every one of these events. You could feel it even before entering the room. After almost 2 years of virtual conventions, the return to in person felt monumental.

Make no mistake, virtual conventions were a welcome alternative during a time of limited options. Although, it just doesn’t compare to the in-person experience.

There is no other industry like this and the individuals within this profession are absolutely amazing. Many work in areas where they may be the only reporter for hundreds of miles. This means they are not “just down the hall” from peers that understand what they do and how demanding it is. In fact, few people outside of their industry truly understand what they do. This creates an almost instant camaraderie within a room of their peers and after almost 2 years of virtual conventions, there is a renewed appreciation to being back in person.

Best of all, this is only the beginning! In fact, check out the link below to see a list of upcoming events we will be attending.


Hope to see you there!

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