STARtech22 : A Summary of the Virtual Conference

Stenograph is so happy to have had the opportunity to spend quality time with our user groups at STARtech22. Twice a year Stenograph sits down with groups of customers to learn about their requirements for our new products and test out new ideas for products, services, and marketing messages.

STARtech22 was a virtual event this year, but 120 attendees braved logging into Zoom to make this the best attended remote STAR meeting in history. The general sessions took place April 29-30 and was headlined by Jeff Butler talking about “Being Human in the Age of Digital Innovation.” Other sessions included CATalyst training by our own Cindi Lynch, and sessions on Data Security and protecting yourself from the “Dark Net”, as well as helping firm owners reignite their passions for “Why” they exist. There were also sessions for proofreaders, editors, and videographers, and Stenograph gave everyone a preview of what is new at Stenograph. We ended the sessions with a panel discussion on the issues facing our industry and also Mike Miller talking about what it took to overcome the theft of his professional equipment.

On April 27-28, Stenograph was able to meet for some focused time with our Reporter and Agency Liaison Committees. These are two different constituent groups which are important to the future of Stenograph. The members of the liaison groups are hand chosen to be representative of the market and also for their willingness to give us constructive feedback. We ran through our product roadmap and introduced some new concepts to get their feedback and explain our positioning. Both groups were excited by the number of products Stenograph will be launching in the near future and gave us significant feedback which we will use in our product development process. We are so thankful for this group of committed customers who are so willing to give their time to help us make our products better.

Stenograph has a lot going on right now. We were able to discuss what has happened since the last STAR meeting including a strategic partnership with vTestify to use our realtime CaseViewNet feature with their remote platform. We also introduced the Phoenix ASR engine, MAXScribe software for electronic reporting, the new limited-edition Luminex II in Sapphire, CATalyst 21.5, and the APEX ecosystem.

Stenograph also discussed our new products such as CATalyst Proof It (we may change the name of the product in the near future), which allows Phoenix ASR to be used by steno reporters, scopists, and editors to save time while editing a transcript. We also talked about improvements being made to CaseViewNet, CATalyst, MAXScribe, and APEX.

We are looking forward to our first in person STAR conference coming up at STARcon in October. See everyone in Savannah October 20-22, 2022!

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