Meet the latest Luminex II color that’s in bloom for a limited time!

This week we introduced a new color of the Luminex® II- Lilac! You can read all about it here. The Lilac Luminex II is an attractive shade of pastel purple, perfect for summer. We may be a little biased, but it just may be the prettiest color yet.

Why did we decide to launch a new color of the Luminex II?

For many of our customers, their writer is more than just a piece of equipment, it is a personal extension. We see reporters personalize their writer in all kinds of ways- keys can be made wide or tall, keypads are added in fun colors or patterns, writers are given names, and possibly the most important part of personalization- the color of the writer. Because of that, we felt it was important to introduce a new color of the Luminex II and give our customers another way to express themselves. This new pastel lilac color is a beautiful summery shade, and we couldn’t think of a better time of year to launch it.

How did we pick Lilac?

Senior Product Manager of Writers, Veronika Mikhailova, had many discussions with our District Sales Managers about what colors our customers are always asking for. They overwhelmingly came back and told us- purple! In January of this year, we introduced Sapphire, a lovely shade of deep blue, but with this color introduction, we wanted to add a new color that was lighter and evoked the time of year we were launching- hence, lilac.

How would you describe the color?

The Lilac Luminex II is a pale, yet bright, shade. Lilac is said to have soothing, inspiring, and uplifting effects and the color symbolizes helpfulness and tranquility. Who couldn’t use more tranquility in their life? The color will remind customers of summer and the sweet smell of flowers. It is sure to be the spotlight in any room. Our team fell in love with the color, and we hope our customers do too!

When can our customers see Lilac in person?

The limited-edition Lilac Luminex II will make its in-person debut at the 2022 NCRA conference in Orlando, Florida, July 21-24. We are excited to introduce this new color to our customers and directly hear their feedback. Our booth is #301, in the middle of the show floor, so please stop by and say hi to the Stenograph team and the new Lilac Luminex II.

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