That’s a Wrap – A Recap of the 2022 NCRA Conference

What a weekend! This was my first National Court Reporters Association conference. I was looking forward to this trip since I joined Stenograph last August. Being new to the industry, this experience strengthened my belief – this is a one-of-a-kind community where everyone knows and supports each other in every way possible.

At the opening reception I saw people hugging the whole time like they haven’t seen their close friends in a while. I was so happy to meet Stenograph customers. I have already had multiple conversations via email or video calls with some, however meeting in person gave an opportunity for better connections and building stronger relationships.

It was encouraging to hear from a long-term customer, who stopped by while we were setting up the booth, that she has been a Stenograph client throughout her entire 30+ year career and she could not imagine her life without our products. During the three days I kept hearing wonderful reactions to our products, customers expressing their gratitude, and positive feedback from students who were purchasing a professional writer for the first time. All of this reinforced for me that we are on the right track of providing leading writers, software, and accessories.

At the Stenograph booth this year, our customers were excited to see the latest Luminex II colors! Sapphire (launched January 2022) is a bold, blue color that is available with your choice of black or white keys and accents. It’s a real gem of a color! Lilac (launched July 2022) is a beautiful, pastel shade of purple paired with black or white keys and accents. This beauty is in full bloom! It was great to see and hear customer’s reactions to the new colors. At Stenograph we never stop listening to our users. We consistently deliver features and colors according to the feedback we receive. Coupled with superior quality it’s the recipe of continuous success.

The last night of the conference was the Member Recognition Gala, which I was fortunate to attend. It was a very entertaining and a grand finale to a successful conference. This year organizers asked attendees to dress in our favorite rock’n’roll outfits, which was so much fun. Everyone had fabulous costumes and the energy in the room was unbelievable! People were very welcoming. My favorite moment had to be the overwhelming excitement from Tricia Rosate, the winner of the Luminex II that Stenograph donated to the NCRF. It was so gratifying to call her name and see her reaction. The best part, Tricia is going to donate her back up writer to a student. This community is truly wonderful!

In addition to meeting customers and attending sessions, I had an amazing time with colleagues. I am grateful to be part of such a supportive team of professionals that are passionate and determined to provide the best service and solutions to court reporters, captioners, CART providers, and students. I am proud to be a part of this industry!

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