Stenograph Remains Committed to the Future of Stenography

As technological advancements continue, many of which were expedited by the COVID-19 pandemic, the fear of AI taking human jobs is widely prevalent in the digital age. However, we at Stenograph want to assure our customers we see the value of stenographers, and we want to use our products to make you a more empowered and efficient transcriber.  

Our commitment to stenographers remains as strong today as it has over the last 80+ years. In fact, while other competitors have ceased production of steno machines, we launched the Luminex II in 2019 and doubled the number of engineers working on future writer development.  

Our support for the industry doesn’t stop there either. We proudly maintain a partnership with Project Steno, a nonprofit helping increase the number of future stenographers donating writers and funds. Now we’re taking our commitment a step further by offering CATalyst student software free to any student who completes the Project Steno Basic Training program and enrolls in stenographic court reporting school.  

Stenograph continues to invest in technology that will help make stenographers more productive and efficient now and in the future. In fact, we’re excited to roll out four new products in the next year: 

  1. CATalyst Version 22: Coming Q1 2023 
  2. CATalyst Check It: Coming Q1 2023 
  3. CaseViewNet Plus: Architecture upgrades for increased reliability 
  4. CaseTestify: Remote testimony platform 

Providing Superior Customer Service Despite Global Turbulence 

As the number one provider of stenographic writers in the world, we have experienced part shortages, longer lead times, and increased costs. Due to worldwide supply chain inflation we have seen writer parts increase by up to 1,000%. Instead of furthering shipping delays by waiting for prices to decrease or passing on this cost, we chose to keep producing and shipping writers without a major increase to our customers. 

At Stenograph, our customers’ voices matter. We gather feedback bi-annually at the Stenograph Technology Agency Reporters Convention. Additionally, we have a sales team that truly understands your needs since many are former court reporters themselves. Our team of product managers speak with customers and gathers feedback daily. 

No matter your stenographic need, we are committed to supporting you. 

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