Five Important Reasons to Invest in Both CaseViewNet and a Cloud Session Code

Court reporters all over the world are enthusiastically showing off their valuable skills by providing a CaseViewNet Cloud Session Code. Your clients may be unaware this level of service exists so you may want to setup an iPad or laptop with the real-time stream on the table to heighten awareness. You may also want to include the caliber of services you offer on a smart digital business card and simply let your card do the talking! Digital cards can tell engaging stories and they can elevate your business to a new level! It is a marvelous and simple way to impress clients! 

  1. CaseViewNet provides rapid refresh, the ability to block users, and control of recipients’ saving rights. Court reporters and their clients love rapid refresh because it allows them to instantly view all the changes which are being performed in real-time.  
  2. A Cloud Session Code will allow you to seamlessly send the wireless real-time feed to any device anywhere in the world, including a cell phone, via the internet. More and more attorneys and judges want to conveniently view real-time on their cell phones, and who can blame them? The combination of a CaseViewNet license and a Cloud Session Code provides a clear advantage. All edits made during real-time are immediately refreshed to the Cloud recipients’ real-time viewers for the highest quality experience.   
  3. CaseViewNet and a Cloud Session Code will eliminate the need for your clients to take copious notes allowing them to focus on the case or trial.   
  4. CaseViewNet and a Cloud Session Code will allow your clients to seamlessly and quickly mark and extract what’s most important, so they don’t have to sift through piles of paper to find what they are looking for. 
  5. A CaseViewNet Cloud Session Code will help your clients to work smarter and it will uniquely differentiate you and your services, so invest in a CaseViewNet Cloud Session Code today! 

The combination of CaseViewNet and a router is something that can help if you find yourself in a situation where the internet is not working or the connection is spotty at the job site. CaseViewNet will allow you to send the wireless feed to iPads or laptops in the room as long as you have a compatible router. 

Please remember to show off your valuable skills! Invest in yourself and don’t miss the amazing real-time opportunities! The real-time universe is enthusiastically calling your name! 

Our sales team will gladly help you at 800-323-4247 if you have questions or if you would like to order CaseViewNet or a Cloud Session Code.

Cloud Session Codes can also be used with CATalyst without a CaseViewNet license, and most other CAT software, by using the Cloud Gateway application. Note: CaseViewNet License is only available to customers on CATalyst Version 14 or above (14.50 is the first version to support Cloud Session Codes). 

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