Stenograph Gives Back to the Community

Recently, a few Stenograph employees volunteered at the Northern Illinois Food Bank. The Northern Illinois Food Bank helps to ensure that all our neighbors across northern Illinois have access to the food they need to thrive. It’s a community-wide effort supported primarily by volunteers.   

Our job was to sort, wash, label, box, and palletize cans of whole kernel corn. In the 2 hours we worked, we processed 3,696 pounds of corn, contributing to 3,080 meals.   

Improving the life of your neighbors contributes to your own life satisfaction. It was very rewarding to know that we are enhancing the quality of the diet of those who are in need. In a country of abundance, it is hard to imagine that over 53 million people received donations from food pantries across the U.S. in 2021. They may be homeless, unemployed, under-employed. They may have health concerns that prevent them access to nutritious food. Many are children.  

Stenograph and its parent company, The Heico Companies, have a solid commitment to social responsibility. From the Heico website:  

We recognize that our companies are important members of their communities with responsibilities to operate cleanly and safely, to contribute to their local economies, and to cooperate with local institutions. Wherever there’s The Heico Companies, there are people ready to devote their energy, ideas, and resources to support their community. We have a long tradition of being a good neighbor and helping select charities that strive to improve the world we all share. 

Stenograph is dedicated to our community and strives to positively impact it. I am proud to be a part of such an organization. We are always ready to devote time and energy to help those in need.    

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