It’s a Black Tie affair and you’re formally invited!

Stenograph is celebrating its 85th anniversary, and to honor this significant milestone, we have released the new Limited-Edition Black Tie Luminex II. This elegant writer features black keys, black bottom shell, black thumb wheels, black LCD frame and back panel, with a contrasting white top shell, which makes it a classic eye-catching color combination.

To make the Black Tie Luminex II even more remarkable, it includes a special splash screen that features the vintage Stenograph logo that commemorates the company’s 85th anniversary. This writer is not just stunning in its appearance, but it’s also the most advanced writer on the market today featuring the shortest stroke and lightest touch.

We’re offering a special anniversary bundle that includes the Black Tie Luminex II, LMX Mini, and a Peace of Mind Kit. As a special gift to customers, Stenograph is including an exclusive 85th anniversary wine tumbler.

The Black Tie Limited-Edition Luminex II bundle also includes a full-range tilting tripod, soft-sided carrying case, high-quality microphone, choice of wide keys, optional tall vowels, a one-year warranty, and free shipping! It’s an exceptional package that not only provides users with a sleek and stylish writer but also all the tools to ensure a comfortable and successful writing experience.

This classic beauty is only available for a limited time! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of Stenograph’s history while enjoying all the benefits of modern technology. Contact your local salesperson and order the Limited-Edition Black Tie Luminex II bundle today!

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