Cheers to 40 Years of Court Reporting

A valued Stenograph customer, Lyn Corrin Aaker, CSR, recently reached out to us and shared that she is celebrating her 40th year as a court reporter. We love celebrating milestones, especially since we’re celebrating 85 years in the court reporting industry this year, so we asked Lyn to tell us a little more about herself. She was kind enough to do so and to share some great pictures. Congratulations, Lyn! We admire your hard work and dedication.

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My name is Lyn Corrin Aaker, CSR, and I am celebrating my 40th anniversary of court reporting as a freelance deposition reporter with the same agency in Long Beach, California. I never thought I’d be able to see the day. It’s been a fascinating and educational career, and I’m happy to say that I still love it and am busier than ever. I am not ready to retire yet! I have traveled to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ecuador, and Russia as a CSR, and I am enjoying mentoring students, getting together with other reporters, and attending conventions.

I have had seven steno writers, including the Stenograph manual, electric, StenoCAT adapted electric (in the NCRA museum), StenoRAM III, Stentura 8000, Diamante, and Luminex II. I certainly appreciate and thank Stenograph for being a career constant for me with their writers, tech support, and writer and software support to help navigate the evolution of this profession. Cheers to 40 years, and may there be many more!

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