Read How Official Court Reporter Bonnie Weber Uses Check It

Bonnie Weber – Official Court Reporter to the Honorable John L. Sinatra, Jr.

When I first heard of Check It, I was not sure what to expect and, as a reporter, a little
worried about the ramifications on my job. As we have all seen this industry gravitate in
many ways to the digital format, I wondered what the benefit, if any, would be to this
kind of application.

That’s not what this is. This is probably one of the best tools that has come along to help
reporters give an additional layer of protection of accuracy to the record. This checks
your work. It does not create a transcript. It only enhances your work.

The best part of it is that through your input, it is able to learn what words to ignore, i.e.,
contractions versus not or gonna versus going to. I use it after I have initially scoped my
transcript. It has cut my scoping/proofing time by about a third.

Not only is it saving me time, but it catches words that I might skim over, i.e.,
probation/prohibition, missing words, inaccurate words. I scan to where the Check It is
and you can listen and then decide if it is something you agree with or not.

Now, it is not perfect. Nothing is, but this has been such a huge help to me in my job
that I would recommend it to everyone, scopist and transcriber. It adds so much to the
accuracy of our transcripts that it pays for itself in quickness in turnaround, as well as
sending out great transcripts.

If you are interested in trying Check It for yourself, contact Stenograph Sales at 800-323-4247.

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