We’re talking CATalyst Version 22 with Mansi Soni: Part Two

Here is Part Two of our interview with Sr. Product Manager, Mansi Soni, talking all about CATalyst and the upcoming Version 22. You can catch up and read part one here: We’re talking CATalyst Version 22 with Mansi Soni: Part One (stenograph.com)

What features of CATalyst 22 are you most excited about? 

I can’t wait for everyone to start using Direct Audio™! The past 3 years have seen a dramatic change in the way our customers work. They had to adapt quickly and create solutions on the fly. These solutions worked, but they weren’t always the most streamlined, and are often costly and complex. With Direct Audio, we provide a solution custom-built for remote and hybrid work, greatly simplifying the setup and accuracy of the audio being recorded. Plus, you have the added benefit of multi-channel audio record and playback for remote, hybrid, and in-person work. As a product manager, it is exciting to deliver something our customers have been asking for. 

What was the customer need that drove us to develop Direct Audio? 

More and more reporters are taking remote jobs or in courthouses with remote participants, which got us thinking beyond supporting a physical multi-channel device. We expanded multi-channel to physical and virtual channels which led to Direct Audio. 

Once you release Version 22- what is next for CATalyst? 

We are changing the way we update CATalyst, and, in the future, customers will see more regular updates. Instead of waiting for one big update, we want to keep delivering to CATalyst users throughout the year. We have a dedicated team working on CATalyst and are always looking for ways to make our customers more productive.  

What makes CATalyst different than other CAT software? 

CATalyst has been in the market for over 25 years. Our core development team is the same as it was over 20 years ago. We have grown as the market has grown and we have had years of opportunity to interact with our customers, gathering their feedback and implementing value-added features. This expertise and knowledge sets us apart from any other software in the industry. 

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