STARCON24 Speaker – Katie Ochetal

Meet Katie Ochetal, managing director of Claritas Depositions; Katie will be speaking about the Best Practices of Implementing Stenograph Solutions into Your Business, sharing both why and how she chose Stenograph technology to be incorporated into her operations and describing how that experience has contributed to Claritas’s success.

About Katie Ochetal:

Katie Ochetal is a seasoned professional in the court reporting and litigation industry, with 20 years of experience. Since entering the field in 2003, Katie has worked in various departments with numerous renowned companies, spanning across the country. Starting her career in San Diego, she later relocated to New York in 2009 to further broaden her expertise. In 2022, Katie left a large company after 11 years to become the Founder and Director of Claritas Depositions, a start-up dedicated to providing high quality digital reporting in a remote setting to clients across all practice areas of law.

Driven by a genuine passion for her work, Katie embraces the ever-evolving landscape of technology in the legal field. She enthusiastically explores new technologies emerging in the industry, recognizing their potential to enhance efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring the integrity of the legal record.

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