CaseTestify’s First Anniversary

February 2023 marked the official release of CaseTestify, our premier testimony platform. Even before it was announced, Stenograph had customers seeking solutions for remote and hybrid exhibit management, looking to reduce the number of tools for a single deposition, all while optimizing their clients’ remote experience. CaseTestify’s numerous features, built from attorney and legal professional feedback, met the needs of our industry’s top court reporting agencies. It is easy to use, yet robust and flexible enough to deliver the experience required by the demands of legal professionals.

In CaseTestify’s first year, our team has been hard at work; we’ve refined features, making the platform more stable, more secure, and easier to use. Since its launch, there have been 27 releases based on our customers’ feedback and the market’s needs, improving exhibit management, video conferencing, our repository, and the user experience. This has resulted in over 45,000 proceeding minutes on the platform.

This past year has also brought powerful integrations with the Stenograph ecosystem, something no other solution can offer. CaseViewNet integration lets users present, view, and search the realtime transcript. MAXScribe integration makes it simple to capture single- or multi-channel audio, removing the need for third-party audio capture software. ViewScript powered by Phoenix, our custom-built automatic speech recognition technology for the legal industry, provides attorneys with audio and text in-testimony review and instant post-deposition review.

With all this work and growth, we are excited to continue building CaseTestify in 2024, providing even deeper integration into the Stenograph ecosystem and introducing features and tools that will provide an even more dynamic and comprehensive experience for our customers and their clients.

For the latest information on CaseTestify and to see the platform in action for yourself give our enterprise team a call at 833-373-3553 or email them at enterprise@stenograph.com.


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