STARCON24: Implementing New Technologies Into Your Business

How have industry leaders implemented new technologies into their firms? What do both the big-picture planning and the day-to-day logistics look like? Hear from Lee Wielenga, Mike McDonner, and Rick Russell about the obstacles they have had to overcome and how they have solved the challenges of embracing change to best serve their clients. 

Meet Lee Wielenga:

As the Chief Information Officer of U.S. Legal Support, Lee Wielenga oversees all information technology and systems in support of rapid growth and improved customer satisfaction, combined with a strong culture of innovation. A proven technology executive with expertise in leading global technology groups, Lee believes that when applied strategically, technology can be a strong enabler for business success and a powerful differentiator in any market segment. His tenure within the information technology domain includes experience as a Developer, Architect, Manager, and Chief Information Officer supporting business clients in Asia, Europe and North America. Prior to joining U.S. Legal Support, Lee held senior positions at Oracle, Chase, Ernst & Young and Invesco leading global application development, infrastructure and support teams. 

Meet Mike McDonner:

Mike McDonner is the President of Kentuckiana Court Reporting, Milestone Reporting and several other leading court reporting companies. He oversees a staff of over 600 court reporters, transcriptionists, and legal videographers across the US. He is focused on new trends in litigation technology and trial presentation software. 

Before retiring from the practice of law, Mike worked in a wide range of litigation backgrounds. He handled medical malpractice defense cases, RICO litigation and appraiser litigation during the housing crises. He successfully defended an insurer from indemnification claims during Kentucky’s “Enron” litigation at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and handled numerous other personal injury claims. In short, he took a lot of depositions. 

Mike has a particular interest in communication and persuasion. He was the first person to win back-to-back NFA National Collegiate Debate Championships and still holds the record for most national titles won. He also has five children who test and refocus his persuasion skills on a daily basis.  

Meet Rick Russell:

Rick Russell is Chief Operating Officer at Neal R. Gross & Co., a national court reporting and transcribing company headquartered in Washington, DC.  He joined the company over 40 years ago and since then has been involved in all aspects of the court reporting and transcribing business. Rick has been a member of AAERT since 1995 and over the years has served on the Board of Directors, Treasurer, Chair of the Government Relations Committee and currently with the Advocacy Committee. 


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