Welcome to a New Era with NexGen!

After years of development and innovation, we’re thrilled to announce the next generation of writers with NexGen™. Providing you with unparalleled comfort, accuracy, and convenience, NexGen is the most ergonomic writer ever. Featuring the softest touch and shortest stroke, users can feel significantly less fatigue and strain without compromising precision.

NexGen’s remarkable advancements create up to a ~40% softer touch and a ~60% shorter stroke than previous paperless writers. Designed with your comfort as a top priority, NexGen also offers a ~35% larger touchscreen that is ~30% brighter than any other writer, complete with an expanded viewing area to limit eye strain and wear.

Not only is NexGen the most comfortable writing experience yet, it is also the most technologically advanced. With the introduction of StenographLink™ users now have the option to receive “over the air” writer updates, simplifying the process and allowing you to update to the latest software in seconds. StenographLink also simplifies writer adjustments by linking directly with Stenograph’s Technical Support team for enhanced assistance.

Stenograph has been dedicated to advancing the development of steno writers for over 85 years and is passionate about meeting the needs of our users. That’s why we rely on a group of industry professionals to beta test our new products, to ensure that we’re continuously elevating our user experience. Read about their hands-on experience with the NexGen writer below:

“First job out of the box and it was near perfect translation. The soft-as-butter touch has me sold.”        -Micheal Johnson, RDR, RMR, CRR, CSR (TX), CCR (LA, NM & WA)

“After dialing in the right tension and key height, I was off and running. “I am tranning great on this writer. Literally the best out-of-the-box performance I have ever had on a new writer.” Mike Miller, FAPR, RDR, CRR

“First Impressions: The Jetsons have arrived. Love the huge screen and the full color. I’m always wanting a shorter stroke, and you have delivered.” -Lesia Mervin CSR, FAPR, RDR, RMR, CRR, CRC

For those looking to try NexGen in person visit us at STARCON24 in San Diego, CA, April 18-20, to experience the most advanced writer technology in person and have a chance to win a NexGen to take home!

To read more about the NexGen writer and what went into its creation, check out our official press release: Stenograph Announces the Release of Their Latest Writer, NexGen | Newswire

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