Are you ready for STARCON24?  

STARCON is STAR’s annual conference being held this year on April 18-20 in San Diego, California. It is a perfect opportunity for industry leaders, professionals, and students to come together for an unforgettable experience of learning, networking, and growth.  

What is STAR? 

STAR is a Stenograph user group that has been around since the early 1980s, dedicated to understanding and using the latest Stenograph technology. STAR’s goal is to work together to make each other and the industry better. 

The Latest Technology 

When you attend STARCON, you can expect to see the latest Stenograph technology and innovation. This year, we have several new products, like the NexGen writer and CATalyst Version 22, that STARCON24 attendees will be among the first to experience in person. When you attend STARCON24, you not only experience this technology but can network with other high-end Stenograph users. 

Networking Opportunities 

Networking is critical to everyone in the industry, regardless of your role. As STAR President Andrea Wecker rightly puts it, “It’s all who you know in business,” and STARCON24 is where you’ll meet the right people to propel your career forward. Connect with firm owners, professional reporters, students, and other industry experts and start building new relationships. 

Access to Industry Experts 

STARCON24 gives you incredible access to Stenograph experts like product managers, scientists, and engineers who work on the new technology, allowing you to collaborate, provide product ideas, and gain insight into what’s next. You also have incredible training opportunities from Stenograph training experts and key users who share best practices. 

Business Development 

Whatever role you play in the industry, or wherever you are in your career, it is important to start thinking about how to develop your business. At STARCON24, you can learn how to build your brand, develop new best practices, how to run your own small business, how to develop relationships with your clients, and more! 

Opportunities for Fun 

STARCON24 isn’t all about learning, there are also a ton of opportunities for fun! Whether it is networking by the bay, a trolley tour and night at the Air and Space Museum, or pickleball, STARCON has something for everyone!  

Watch our STARCON24 Podcast Series here.


Stenograph Technology and Demos 

New this year at STARCON24, visit the Stenograph Technology Room! All Stenograph products will be showcased and demonstrated, plus you can meet with product managers and experts who work on bringing you this innovation firsthand, there is something for everyone! Be among the first to try out the brand-new NexGen writer and experience the next level of personalized writing for yourself! See the latest features introduced in CATalyst Version 22 and Check It in action at our CATalyst demo station. We will also be demonstrating why CaseTestify is the premier platform for remote depositions and how it seamlessly integrates into the Stenograph ecosystem. Learn more about the dynamic production tools in YesLaw and talk to the YesLaw product manager! Looking for more information on how you can use MAXScribe Edge to create a rough transcript from single or multi-channel audio files? Visit the Stenograph room to learn more!  

Stenograph Product Promotions 

In addition to showcasing our innovative products, we are also offering special promotions to those who purchase at STARCON24. 

NexGen: The LOWEST price for our new NexGen writer! Cash or credit card offer of $5,195 plus tax or $1,500 CashBack for Luminex II, Luminex, or Diamante. 

Enter STAR’s Graffle for a chance to win a NexGen writer! 

Edge for CATalyst: Receive 10% off your Edge contract PLUS zero reinstatement, regardless of your current version of CATalyst. In addition, you also get the STAR discount on Edge if you join STAR! 

MAXScribe Edge: Purchase MAXScribe Edge at STARCON and receive a 10% discount!  

Enter STAR’s Graffle for a chance to win MAXScribe Edge Basic and MAXScribe Edge PRO! 


We can’t wait to see you at STARCON24! Register here!

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