The new limited edition Luminex II color has arrived!

“I love the Luminex II, but I really wish I could get it in pink.”

“Will Stenograph ever make another pink writer?”

“Please bring back the pink!”

These are just a few of the comments heard weekly and customers have made it clear they wanted to see a pink Luminex II. Well, Stenograph heard the call and I’m super excited because…drum roll please

**The Luminex II is now available in pink!!**

Okay, well technically, the official name is “Blush,” but it’s a pink writer and it’s not just ANY pink writer. Our new blush Luminex II is the softest, prettiest, most elegant shade of pink I’ve ever seen. It’s truly beautiful and it is the EXACT shade that customers have been requesting.

Yes, the color is simply stunning but the benefits behind the machine are so much more stunning. The Luminex II is hands down the most advanced writer on the market today. It has the shortest stroke, lightest touch, and you will be simply amazed at how good it feels to write on it.

In fact, the number one reason reporters are upgrading to the new Luminex II is because of the touch. They tell us not only do they feel better, but they are writing better, too. The result is cleaner translation and less fatigue at the end of the day.

The Luminex II is like nothing you’ve ever felt before, and now, for a very limited time, it’s available in a color never offered before- blush. Don’t wait, call today to see for yourself why you will be falling in love with the new, limited edition blush Luminex II!

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