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I joined Stenograph as the Product Manager of Writer products shortly after the launch of the Luminex II. I was eager to get to know the product, and I was proud to learn how well it compares to the competition on the market. The Luminex II is an impressive machine, and I am very excited to be involved with it at all.

Obviously, most of what makes the Luminex II so impressive was created before my time at Stenograph. The way that I have learned about the machine can be thought about in two different categories. First, I got to know the “small stuff” that our engineering team is working on every day; the kind of content that might come through in a software update. Separately, I started a series of conversations with a broad range of different people on what type of fundamental changes might be beneficial to a writer.

The fast paced day-to-day was a great whirlwind of information that gave me continuous opportunities to learn. The long-term questions of “why” and “what if” are some of my favorite types of conversations. As much as I have enjoyed both types of work, neither has allowed me to make an immediately noticeable impact on the product line. However, I have been working on one project that falls somewhere in the middle. The recent launch of the Blush Luminex II was exciting for a lot of reasons, and one reason it was exciting for me was because it is a piece of the product I undeniably had a hand in.

The color selection process began by gathering as many inputs as I could. I received good anecdotes from all of our salespeople, I combed through our sales history and our social media pages to try to understand what our customers might value in a new color. From there, I came up with a diverse set of initial color samples and put them through multiple rounds of internal voting. Both before and after each vote, I had many individual conversations as well as formal meetings for group discussion on our options. The prevailing idea that kept coming back was that customers had communicated explicitly that they would like to see a soft pink color. Just check our previous blog entry from Karen Wolson, and you can see how consistently this feedback was received by our outside sales team. We know there are some people out there who have been waiting for exactly this type of color scheme, and I hope we hit the mark for you as well as we think we did.

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